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Finding a lawyer in Hawaii can be a stressful experience.  If you are looking for a lawyer it's probably because you have a serious legal issue that you need resolved.  How can you know that you can trust the lawyer that you hire to take care of the issue that you are faced with?  First of all, you should keep in mind that all attorneys in Hawaii go through an extensive background check and application process in order to receive their license to practice law in Hawaii.  The Hawaii State Bar Association doesn't stop their work after they grant an attorney in Hawaii a license to practice law.  There is also a disciplinary branch which ensures that all attorneys in Hawaii who have a valid law license are following the rules of professional conduct.  You can rest assured that if an attorney has a valid law license, that he/she will do a good job for you.  Of course, most people don't just want a lawyer to do a good job, they want their lawyer to do a great job.  This is where is becomes important for you to do your homework before hiring a lawyer.  You should read through their website and credentials.  You should then call the lawyer for a free consultation.  You should feel free to discuss any questions that you may have before feeling like you should make the decision whether to hire the attorney or not.  You should never feel pressured to hire a lawyer.  If the lawyer is putting the contract in front of you and not giving you a chance to read through it, than that is a bad sign.  Ideally, the lawyer should be willing to email you the contract or let you take a copy home to read over and think about before signing it.  The best advise when hiring a lawyer is to hire one that you feel good about.  You should feel comfortable talking with him/her.  You shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask questions.  Some lawyer/client relationships can last for years so you should hire an attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii, who you feel comfortable with.

It's critical that you choose a lawyer who is very good at the area of law that you need help with.  Laws continue to get more and more complicated each year.  More than ever, lawyers need to focus on very specific areas of law in order to become truly proficient with those legal issues.  Long gone are the days when a lawyer could "put out his shingle" and help people with any legal issue they may be dealing with.  In fact, lawyers are becoming more specialized than ever.  For example, some personal injury lawyers are choosing to become very good at a couple of specific areas of law.  Not long ago, personal injury lawyers used to take every time of personal injury claim, including: dog bites, slip and fall injuries, car accidents, moped accidents, assault cases, motorcycle accident, product liability, pedestrian accidents, class action cases, medical malpractice, dui injury cases, truck accident cases, etc.  Now many injury lawyers only take 2-3 of these types of claims.  They prefer to become extremely knowledgeable about a couple of these areas of law instead of having a basic knowledge about every type of injury claim.  

The following list of Hawaii Attorneys is compiled for your convenience in order for you to review their qualifications so that you can make the most informed decision possible when hiring an attorney in Hawaii.  When you have a legal problem, it is essential that you hire the right Hawaii lawyer for the job--one who has the experience and expertise required to give you the best legal advice possible.